Civil Aviation Policy

23.3 The GoSL will encourage the commencement and continuation of Degree /Diploma programs on Aviation related subjects that will provide employable young professionals that would enhance the Aviation Industry.

23.4 Training establishments are thus encouraged and supported to share synergies and benefit from each other’s resources in order to optimize the quality of training and to gain international acceptance through certification and accreditation by leading international training establishments.

23.5 All aviation related organizations will be required to address training needs through a comprehensive training plan for employees and implement it through systematically designed training programmes, by induction and in-service training.

23.6 It is necessary to have in place a National Plan for career succession in aviation starting within schools to create awareness among the younger generation and assist in defining career pathways from school into aviation related occupations.

23.7 Action may be taken to include aviation in the school and vocational & training
curriculum and will be included in the selected streams of university education with a view to upgrading aviation studies leading to degrees in aviation.

23.8 Industry partners will be required to facilitate this education process by providing inhouse/industrial training and internships for undergraduates following aviation degree /diploma / certificate programmes conducted by the universities and other aviationinstitutions.

23.9 A National Civil Aviation Training Co-ordination Centre will be set up with a view to global marketing of local aviation training facilities and services.

23.10Scholarship programmes will be arranged under the ICAO Third Country Training
Programme so that more foreign students are attracted through the Foreign Ministry and the Department of Commerce under joint trade agreements with other States.

23.11A special fund will be set up to initiate, channel and facilitate local and foreign training for aviation related skills development projects and improvement and upgrading of training facilities in the private sector.