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Air transportation is the one of the youngest industry, which has achieved a very immense growth over a short span of time and yet gathering more momentum to thrive further. World air traffic is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 4.5% over the next 20 years according to the forecast of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The growth in the air transport industry demands for more connectivity, infrastructure and human resources to propel the operations in the industry. With the expected growth it has been anticipated by the ICAO that there would a shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the future. In order to address this important issue, ICAO launched the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals NGAP initiative in year 2009.


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Sri Lanka as a contracting state to ICAO from 1948 implement ICAO’s standards and recommended practices (SARPs) for safe and secure operation of Air Transport through the regulator, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. The Next Generation of Aviation Professionals  NGAP Sri Lanka Programme was also initiated in Sri Lanka by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka in order to assist industry by providing guidance and tools for engaging the next generation and promoting aviation amongst youth as a viable career. The NGAP Sri Lanka programme was officially launched at the 53rd DGCA conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka - 2016. Over forty school Children representing school Aeronautical societies, who are the future beneficiaries of NGAPSL programme was invited by CAASL to participate in the Programme.

Further, by National Aviation policy, The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) recognizes the importance of a trained, qualified, experienced and skilled aviation workforce to steer the industry forward, safely and professionally. In this context, the GoSL will join hands with the ICAO in promoting Next Generation Aviation Professional NGAP Programme in Sri Lanka whereby future human resources are identified and trained.

Vision *

To be a multitalented Aviation community that has sufficient competent human resources to support safe, secure, efficient and sustainable Air Transportation system.






To develop strategies, best practices, tools, standards and guidelines as applicable and to facilitate information sharing activities that assist the state Aviation community in attracting, educating, training and retaining the next generation of Aviation professionals, thereby developing their enthusiasm in the industry and providing them with opportunities to serve the Aviation industry.



Establishment of a national forum to communicate and assist industry stakeholders in identifying their long-term human resources needs and establishing strategies to attract, educate, training and retain aviation professionals.

Assistance to industry by providing guidance and tools for engaging the next generation and promoting aviation amongst youth as a viable career.


NGAP Sri Lanka Programme


Origin *

The NGAP was initiated and launched by ICAO to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system. This is critical in global as a large contingent of the current generation of aviation professionals will retire, access to affordable training and education is increasingly problematic, and aviation competes with other industry sectors for highly skilled professionals. The lack of harmonized competencies in some aviation disciplines and a lack of awareness by the “next generation” of the types of aviation jobs available further compounds the problem



NGAP Sri Lanka programme was officially launched at the 53rd DGCA conference - 2016 in the presence of Hon. Minister of Transport & Civil Aviation, President of ICAO, Secretary General of ICAO, Regional Director (Asia & Pacific Region) ICAO, Secretary and Additional Secretary- Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation, Chairman - CAASL, Vice Chairman - CAASL, DGCA & CEO - CAASL, The Delegates, Director Generals of Civil Aviation in Asia & Pacific Countries and Several other well-known personalities in aviation, were present to witness this short but colorful informal launching Ceremony. Over forty school Children representing assorted school Aeronautical societies, who shall be the future beneficiaries of NGAPSL programme, invited by CAASL activity participated in the Programme.

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