Launching of NGAP Sri Lanka

Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Sri Lanka Programme (In year 2016) 

Having identified the necessity of the active participation of the members of the public for the successful launch of any development program, the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka in 2008, launched several programs together with voluntary groups in order to create awareness among the Public on the massive potentiality of the civil aviation for socio economic development programs of the country. Activities initially included the maintenance of a separate website, launch of quarterly magazine “Guwansara”, establishment of Aviation Societies (clubs) in Government Schools, conducting model aircraft shows and kite festivals etc. which might create enthusiasm especially in the minds of school children, who in turn would influence the minds of their parents.

With the Awareness Creation Programme getting more momentum, the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka felt the need of brining under one umbrella all organizations engaged in aviation education and training for the coordination of training needs and opportunities. Accordingly, NGAP Sri Lanka Program was, officially inaugurated in Sri Lanka on the 01st of August 2016 with the participation of Hon. Minister of Transport & Civil Aviation, ICAO President of the Council, the Secretary General of ICAO and Regional Director, Asia Pacific Region at the 53rd Director General’s, Asia Pacific Regional Conference.


According to the requirements of the 39th Assembly of ICAO, the Sri Lankan Government incorporated ICAO, NGAP program to Develop Human Resource function within National Civil Aviation Policy of Sri Lanka.

The National Committee was recently setup to communicate and assist industry stakeholders in identifying their long-term human resources needs to establish strategies to attract, educate, train and retain aviation professionals. Also to assist the industry by providing guidance and tools for engaging the next generation and promoting aviation amongst youth as a viable career.

The main target of NGAP Sri Lanka is to produce academically and professionally qualified human resource personnel to strengthen the local civil aviation sector and reach out to regional and global levels in time to come.

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